Episode 52: Smash the Mirror II (Listener Letters Extravaganza)

Once Upon a Time podcast

We sort through some listener letters this week!

We’re following up on last week’s two hour “Smash the Mirror” with a listener letter-focused episode for this hiatus week. We start out with a detailed description of a fairy tale that a lot of fans theorize is providing the inspiration for Regina’s current story arc. Then, some Frozen, Rumple, theories, predictions, “what-ifs” and more. And as always, you lucky listeners get to learn more Southernisms/Canadianisms of the week, hear our random questions (extra random this week!), poll results and some “what if Storybrooke had Thanksgiving” ideas.

  1. Hiatus week = our listener letter extravaganza! Welcome.
  2. Listener letters (9:30)
  3. Questions, polls, and some miscellaneous chitchat (1:07:50)

And we’ll be back next week for a new Once Upon a Time episode!

– Amanda and Brittany

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Episode 51: Smash the Mirror

Once Upon a Time Smash the Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who is smashing them all?

This week’s 2 hour episode of Once Upon a Time gave us a ton to talk about, so this week we have a special podcast devoted to a long discussion centered on the show’s “heroes and villains”: Regina, Ingrid and Rumplestiltskin. We have a smashing good time solving all of the great problems on the show… and maybe even the universe. From deep discussions to silly comments, we’ll tackle it all in this massive podcast episode!

Join us for part two of the podcast next week. Once Upon a Time will be on hiatus, but we won’t! We’ll have listener letters, news and theories. Be sure to send your thoughts to us before then!

  1. Welcome to our 51st episode
  2. Our Top 5 discussions: Heroes and villains (10:55)
  3. The Lighter Side (1:18:05)
  4. We’ll be back next week with news and letters! In the meantime, a challenge for you all to give us a rating or review on iTunes and to send us your comments, questions and voicemails! (1:40:10)

Brittany and Amanda

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