Episode 127: Where Bluebirds Fly

We finally get to see more of Zelena this week on Once Upon a Time, learn about a different side to her past, and finally determine that she’s been redeemed. Meanwhile, despite all of the darkness lingering around Storybrooke, love is in the air and Snow White is more than enthusiastic to plan a dream wedding for her daughter. Yet, the Final Battle is still looming… and we can’t help but wonder if it’s getting almost too hyped up?

Episode 30: Kansas

Once Upon a Time Glinda Zelena Dorothy

Glinda, Zelena and Dorothy have a chat in Oz

“Kansas” transported us back to Oz where Zelena simply could not stop being a jealous troublemaker. We (briefly) met Dorothy, said hello to light magic-wielding Regina, had a beautiful Rumbelle moment that quickly turned sour and said a “wicked” goodbye. A lot happened in this episode and we attempted to break it all down and speculate what it might mean as we head into a our double-sized season finale next Sunday.

  1. The penultimate week of Once Upon a Time season 3 has come and gone! Plus why next week’s show should be called “Oklahoma.”
  2. Our Top 5s (3:30)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (42:10)
  4. Listener Letters (46:50)
  5. News and speculation about the finale (51:00)
  6. Join us again next week! (1:11:00)

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Don’t forget to listen to us next week for a very exciting double-podcast episode about “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home”!

We plan to release next week’s double-podcast episodes about “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home” early, on Monday instead of Tuesday, so brace yourselves for a huge season finale podcast extravaganza!

– Britt and Amanda

Episode 29: A Curious Thing

snow white prince charming and regina

The second most powerful magic of all

Well, this Once Upon a Time episode had everything we weren’t expecting… and then some. Action-packed, emotion-filled, we flip-p(hon)ed out over it! Join us for a great conversation about everything from love and family to mommy power and of course those pesky flying monkeys and one delightfully crazy Rumple.

  1. Welcome to one of the last podcast episodes of season 3 (yikes)!
  2. Our Top 5s
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke and our rating of the episode (with a new “heart” system)
  4. Listener Letters
  5. What’s coming up next on Once Upon a Time
  6. Thanks for joining us and see you back here next week to discuss the penultimate Once Upon a Time episode of the season.

– Amanda and Britt

Episode 26: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Regina and the Wicked Witch on Once Upon a Time

It’s not easy being Greenie… or having a sister who made you green with envy.

The characters have taken things a little too literally: we found out that the Wicked Witch is literally green with envy and Regina literally gave Robin Hood her heart (let’s just hope he doesn’t literally break it.) Plus, we discuss the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series finale.

  1. Welcome! Plus some Captain America and Ariel on SNL
  2. Our Top 5s: we talked about most of the main characters and their ongoing developments, including Hook, Emma, Rumbelle, Greenie and her backstory, Rumple and of course Regina and Robin Hood. (4:20)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke: our favourite lines and Storybrooke needs a chiropractor (46:30)
  4. Listener Letters (54:25)
  5. News (1:08:05)
  6. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland series finale (1:16:45)

See you next week for a trip aboard the Jolly Roger!

Britt and Amanda

Edited April 8th at 4:15 pm ET: We had a small technical flaw with the audio in the episode that was uploaded earlier today. That problem has been fixed. Sorry, folks! If you downloaded the episode before this afternoon but haven’t listened to it yet, you may want to re-download the new file. – Amanda

Episode 24: The Tower

ouat the tower

Rumplestiltskin and Zelena have a mysterious chat

In what was a particularly eerie episode, Zelena continues to confuse us and send mixed signals in Storybrooke. She’s toying with us all! Plus, we (briefly) meet Rapunzel and start shipping an even bigger bromance between Robin, Hook and Charming.

  1. Our Top 5s (3:30)
  2. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (48:35)
  3. Listener Letters including some of your Top (and bottom) 5s! (59:30)
  4. News and what’s on Once Upon a Time next week (1:23:05)
  5. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – aka. we don’t know why we put ourselves through this – our Top 3s and listener comments (1:33:10)

See you next week for “Quiet Minds” (after which we imagine our thoughts will be anything but quiet!)

– Britt and Amanda

P.S. Here are a couple of links to the things that we love, as mentioned at the top of the show:

Episode 23: Witch Hunt

OUAT Witch Hunt Snow White

Zelena (the Wicked Witch) and Mary Margaret have a chat in Storybrooke

Bring it, Greenie! In a flashback, Regina meets the sister she never knew she had and it wasn’t exactly a happy family reunion, and in the present day, Emma and Regina conspire together for once and have a stakeout in Storybrooke. This episode has tears, flying monkeys and even turkeys, and we discuss it all! Plus, a record amount of listener letters for us, news, and a bonus segment about the very exciting Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

  1. Welcome to episode 23!
  2. Our Top 5s (3:30)
  3. The Lighter Side of Storybrooke (45:10)
  4. Lots of your listener letters, tweets and a voice mail (53:30)
  5. News and a few spoilers and hints about what’s to come in upcoming episodes (1:15:20)
  6. Our favorite things about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland  (1:26:30)

See you next week!

Britt and Amanda