Episode 148: Chosen – Once Upon a Podcast (Once Upon a Time 7×17)

once upon a time season 7

Zelena gets chosen… finally! Who knew that someone would be up for handling her brand of crazy, but there’s someone for everyone, as they say. Once Upon a Time continues to give us mysteries… sort of. We are at least still wondering what Facilier is all about. And while many people in Hyperion Heights wake up, Henry remains asleep, so we can’t help but wonder what exactly will finally trigger his memories, and what the consequences will be once he does wake up.

Episode 127: Where Bluebirds Fly

We finally get to see more of Zelena this week on Once Upon a Time, learn about a different side to her past, and finally determine that she’s been redeemed. Meanwhile, despite all of the darkness lingering around Storybrooke, love is in the air and Snow White is more than enthusiastic to plan a dream wedding for her daughter. Yet, the Final Battle is still looming… and we can’t help but wonder if it’s getting almost too hyped up?

Episode 99: Our Decay – Once Upon a Podcast

Zelena and Hades: we’re on board this (decaying) ship. This week on Once Upon a Podcast, we’re discussing whether Hades is a trustworthy narrator, or if Zelena’s instincts are correct and he’s playing her. Speaking of instincts, Zelena’s motherly instincts just kicked in and if they’re going to give her a redemption arc, so far they’re doing it right. Plus, we can barely believe it as Rumplestiltskin comes clean and tells the truth (and nothing but the truth) with Belle… what a change! Join us for a discussion of one of our favorite episodes of 5B so far.

  1. Somehow we start out by reminiscing about old TV shows, and what if those shows took place in the Underworld?
  2. Our Top 5s (6:30)
  3. The Lighter Side and Listener Letters (51:30)
  4. News (1:08:30)

-Amanda and Brittany