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Bi lads

Bi lads
 Last seen 16 minute

Name: Giovanna

Age: 45
City: Dunfermline, Bellshill
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Dominant Woman Search Look For Sex
Seeking: I Wants Men
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


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I knew he was drunk, but was he really that drunk? His round firm arse was larger and hairier than I would have imagined, quite muscly from all his rugby playing.

Once I was done I let one of the other guys take my place, who I noticed entered her without a condom. Whenever I knocked one out to a Matt Hughes video, I also had the luxury of imagining it was Craig on the video, if ever I wanted a change.

She was just going up and down on my cock as she continued to suck on Craig, which I only tolerated as my face was a couple of feet away from where he was being sucked off, and i lad a perfect view. As I fucked his throat lo of thoughts flashed through my mind. I felt like I was in a dream.

Within 10 minutes he was back in the front room wearing a short dressing gown that he had got off the back of the bedroom door. I hate dry wanking.

Craig turned around over her head, allowing her to see me standing there as his balls rested against her head. He was obviously making an effort to take as much of me down his throat as he could. He remained rock hard in my mouth, so I knew he was still turned on, but nonetheless I wanted to hear him enjoy it. All I could think of was how I would have loved lsds have been part of that five guy gang bang.

Lacs knew it was now or never.

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I waited to see if it rang again. I had almost forgotten how big my cousin was lars erect and once again I had an overwhelming urge to rush forward and take him in my mouth.

He and his wife had enjoyed a great adventurous sexual relationship. As she devoured his cock, so she massaged her cunt with her fingers.

I slowly leaned forward and as I reached under his egg like testicles and cupped them in my hand, I felt even more excited by their considerable weight. I think I could recognize his cock in an identity parade of a thousand cocks.

He grinned as I approached the bed, still keeping his eyes on the screen and still playing with himself. If only he knew that I had had him in my mouth before.

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I had no idea what he was going to do, but as he knelt by her thigh I felt his large hand on my left shoulder, as his right hand thrust quickly between my legs and inserted his fingers inside her cunt pummeling against the rhythm of my cock. Another guy had my cousins balls in their hands and I wanted it to be me.

At that point I had a major desire to push my cock up my cousins arse, while he fucked the whore on the car bonnet. Craig lay back and let me fellate him. What I also knew was that my cock was still rock hard….

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She also had found on his computer a list as long as her arm of other women he had been fucking. She was flat on her back with her legs in the air and he was firmly embedded in her cunt in the process of fucking her.

I could feel my dick stirring in my jeans, coming to life, but I let it be. She wants us to do it again. As we finished dressing, and left the building, all I could think about was how I could get to see him naked ldas. I slid my tongue across the head of his cock to remove the drop of sweet juice before taking the whole pulsating head between my lips and slowly lowering my mouth down the length of his pole.

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I dried myself off and tucked my still half erect dick into my Calvin Kleins, stepped into a pair of jeans and got dressed as sexily as I could. Also u guys are about the most easy going and open minded bunch of guys anywhere! If I had been watching these alone I would have had my trousers down and been wanking my cock a long time ago. I swallowed the slightly sweet liquid as soon as it hit me, followed by at least another three hard spurts of hot cum, which I also greedily took down my throat.

Eventually it was time to leave the house.

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He seemed quite inhibited as we got changed. We can do this again. Some of lacs were in and out in less than ten minutes.

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