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Bristol gay sauna

Bristol gay sauna
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Name: Laurie

Age: 48
City: Kansas City International Airport, Garfield Heights, Spring Hope, Hyrum
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Horny Clean Sexy Woman In Greeley
Seeking: Seeking Sex Hookers
Relationship Status: Not married


You need to or register to be able to post comments Let other guys know how much fun you had at the sauna, leave a comment each time you visit! Bumfun85 posted a comment.


What a waste of time and money.

Escape the outside world and the daily stresses of life, unwind and be free. There has been a repositioning of some of the facilities and it feels fresh and inviting.

Whilst wandering around I visited the steam room, sauna and the TV room which came complete with water fountain and drinks vending machines. Fully-stocked Bar Fancy a refreshing drink after hitting the Sauna? If however you want to take a shower squna you can detowel in direct view of the zombietwink staff and push a button which prompts a trickle of tepid water to trickle down onto you, but you have to press the button again every 3 seconds as this is perfect if you are trying to create your own version of Chinese Water Torture.

Mathew, where is your pride?

Always packed on a naked Wednesday and plenty busy at other times. Because since Mathew bought it, this place has brlstol ever failed to disappoint. The worst sauna I have ever been to - - unfortunately brixtol only option we have here in Bristol without leaving the city. I withheld this review for several weeks to give Mathew a chance to finish his refurbishment or at least announce his plans to do so.

Simply put, if at any point catch somebody's eye and the gaze is held then it's generally on. That is why it is generally busy with guys of all ages, and always so on a naked Tuesday.

Perhaps late on Friday and Saturday is when you make your profit. What a waste of a facility! A refurbishment was certainly overdue. Adult Shop Looking to purchase something that isn't widely available on the high street? It is directly in your financial interests to provide rbistol clean, well decorated, fully functional gay sauna. If you pop your head in when this is going on, as I did, you either get a shake of the head, as I did, or you're welcomed in.

My night in a gay sauna

You cannot possibly do so at any other time. What have they done to the lounge area? Why so few? The cinema room was showing a bad copy of some s porn, clearly a copy of a copy of a copy of a VHS film.

We have a fully stocked bar that will satisfy your tastebuds. But it does means I'm more than likely going to be asking myself one less question in my next relationship - with a girl.

-up Before anything else, I need to explain that I'm not a seasoned sauna veteran. Any unwanted advances were quickly recognised as such and met with a polite retreat. Let's face it, it was never the best sauna in the world. He had knocked a hole through a wall to provide access from the reception area to the lounge area.

Lads locker rooms, bristol, sauna

Odd as it may sound I now feel more secure in my hetero sexuality than before. I went to the L Locker Room last Saturday night, and I wasn't disappointed : I was a bit apprehensive at first going to a new sauna, but was made to feel so welcomed as soon as I walked through the door. You need to or register to be able to post comments Let other guys know how much fun you had at the sauna, leave a comment each time you visit! So far you have failed miserably, and it is only because there brostol now zero competition in Bristol that Lad's Locker Room is still drizzling along at all.

Village sauna (formerly cottage health club), 19 west street gay bristol bathhouses saunas

Had they fixed the steam room to produce sufficient steam to keep it steamy? It stank. For rooms that are occupied there seems to be a code I'm happy to be corrected here. Bristil articles. As far as Lad's Locker Room is concerned, he has demonstrated since he bought the place about three years ago, that he is not.

I was also glad to see a bar full of beers, as a couple down the hatchet before going to the facilities usually helps. Anyway the smell of stale minge last time was not pleasant best thing: Jaccuzi although last time brlstol did smell of gash.


If they had tried to clean the jacuzzi, they had failed. I'd read about 'cruising' before, and read about bars being 'cruisey' but never experienced it. Now it is competing for the title of the worst in the world.

The thing that's really interesting from a straight guy's point of view is that in this environment you're seen as an object of desire instead of the pursuer. Meet other like-minded people and explore the relaxed environment and facilities.

The village sauna (formerly cottage health club)

Why did he bother, I wondered? Once upstairs the is a pathetic attempt at a maze gloryhole room with a few bits of cardboard erected which no bristpl ever uses and some bits of the cardboard have holes drilled in but again imagine whoever deed this room let off a massive brain fart as the did it. It was also interesting because it gives you an idea bristtol women feel when men look at them. Relaxation Facilities Unwind and destress with our selection of relaxation therapy rooms from our Sauna to our Steam room - not forgetting our hot tub!

The owner of Lad's Locker Room is called Mathew. This is a gay club, you know?

Services Free Wi-fi With Internet access throughout our venue, we also have a cyber desk for anyone that needs to surf the web. No codified rehearsal of buying drinks and dating a few times — you just get it on. After an hour-and-a-half of, metaphorically, fumbling around, I met a guy.

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