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Cuckold experience

Cuckold experience

Name: Billy

Age: 21
City: Salt Spring Island, Horn, Third Ward
Hair: Golden
Relation Type: Any Women Who Need A Good Licking?
Seeking: I Seeking Man
Relationship Status: Single


You can describe with much detail if you want, it would be great. As a sub-question, do you think that one of these memorable moments was your first time seeing you wife with other guy, or even before that, when she revealed to you her desire to fuck other men? Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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Her head bobbed slowly as she shed her clothes. Which made her younger.

Later she called and told me how at first they didn't do much. I entered my room.

They cuckopd doing fine. Occasionally he twisted her nipples. I have dark brown hair. However, it feels right to be the beta—loving and caring for my wife while someone with more drive holds a degree of power over both of us.

I bent forward and sucked her boobs with full force. I masturbated so much thinking about what was happening. I switched off the light and, hugged her and went into sleep. Expeience was shouting and slapping on her breast.

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Rani was sitting in her place quietly. Wore a nice churidar. Rani looked down due to shame. She was now standing completely nude under the open sky.

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I took my mobile and start recording. He included a pic of a slim, smoothly shaven body. I looked at her with a lustful look. She was in her sleep. That was a one-night thing because of the distance he lived from our exoerience. Would we recommend it to other couples?

Kartik: Bro I told my mom about us. Cuckokd after she told me his dick size. She was jerking. I didn't eat much, but I was super aroused.

Their passion each time was intense. I parked the car in a remote place surrounded by big trees and small hills. He sent an SMS and requested me to come with him for a few minutes he needs to talk.

I worried about losing that last thing that was just for us alone, but also incredibly excited for everything this new path offered. I opened her bra hook and threw it on the floor.

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They had fucked again at his place. She stood in front of Neha and pressed her head on her pussy.

Then my body took over and I epxerience immediately aroused. She introduced me to him over soft drinks and chips and asked me how he and they should begin.

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She came out and did a light makeup. On the weekend two nights later, she brought him to our place.

I was surprised to notice she seemed as nervous as our young guest. I never felt that much pleasure in my entire life. Rani exlerience lying there and watching us. We garaged the car and went into the master bedroom. She was not responding.

As she often does, she wore no underclothing, and this night experiene was wearing a short white skirt and a no-button white blouse that plunged to her waist. We three were exhausted but Rani till did not get her orgasm.

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