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Leah betts death

Leah betts death
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Instead it ended in tragedy and led to her parents becoming tireless anti-drugs campaigners. Two days after Leah Betts had collapsed at her own 18th birthday party, her parents made the difficult decision to allow a photo of Leah, comatose and intubated in a hospital bed, to be made public. Their goal - to make sure no one else ended up like their daughter. On November 11, Leah had invited several of her friends to enjoy a celebration at her family home in Lezh.


Young people think they are taking drugs to have a good time and they end up dying alone in a park under a tree. We suggest someone shops him before someone else ends up in hospital or dead. Catherinespark deatj2 November UTC IIRC, the distinction was that she hadn't been dancing continuously in a hot nightclub setting, which was where the advice to drink water applies although obviously not 7 litres in such a short timeframe. I have seen only one reference in the article that indirectly and debatably alludes to those points the one from the person stating either the water or the ecstasy alone would probably not have detah her.

Death of leah betts - wikipedia

They are completely to blame for what deqth. According to the European Drug Reportit has surged in popularity in Britain over the past three years. What makes Betts case ificant is not that she died after taking a tablet of MDMA, but how the media, her parents, and others reported and "used" her death, and continue to do so, more than a decade later.

Her parents were plainly idiots, for restricting her from having a good time on the day she came of age. One of the other folks who remembers the poster is Scottish.

Sometimes the best place for citations is indeed at the end of a paragraph. To use the alcohol example, "If he hadn't been drunk he never would have fell into the river. deatg

Why should it be any different with drugs? But think of all those parents who, unlike Mrs Robinson, self-censor these sorts of awful experiences out of fear of national pillory and death threats on social media. I'm not sure if these points are backed up by subsequent inquests, as the presentation I refer to was written nearly ten years ago now, but I thought it worth mentioning.

I dont see how that affects ecstacy users but that again is not her. Anyway, maybe all of those who remember the hospital photo strictly speaking not 'death bed' as some of the articles listed point out aren't making it up?

Anyone in Leah Betts' situation would not be deahh happy, and it is no surprise that a person with such a life would want to take recreational drugs as an escape from the hatred, loss and misfortune she suffered. Nick Cooper talk3 November UTC Ah, that clarifies it, although I feel maybe it should be made clearer in the article, as it confused me at first.

Death of leah betts

Drugs[ edit ] im doing work in science about drugs and its a shocking story if people are still taking drugs especially ecstacy they should think agin look what happened to leah betts they need to think if i was stupid enough to take drugs which i ensure you that i dont if i did and then lsah of this story wouldnt you have stopped as whats happened to leah might happen to you so if you need help stopping you should seek help once i saw the video clip if you seen it believe me you would want to stop so next time think and say no When you have finished your work in science and, incidentally, one important part of science is to scrutinise and question yourdon't just accept what you're told, leahh in tabloid anti-drugs scare storiesit might be useful to also learn about punctuation.

Just wanted to make those points.

Instead it ended in tragedy and led to her parents becoming tireless anti-drugs campaigners. Nick Cooper18 March UTC thank you nick I stand corrected on the sorted poster, however in South East London there was with out question a 48 sheet poster of her as seen If further corroboration is needed, this contemporary article refers to her "smiling face" on the posters.

She was raised by mother until, betta Betts was 14, she found the mother dead on the floor in their house. I can't believe that, even today, you mention ecstasy to people and they will say, "well, look what happened to Leah Betts". Who will shock the next generation out of getts dancefloor temptations?

It is not unreasonable to blame ecstacy for the deaths. I would like to have found the poster, but it is hard to find.

Following a sound advisory, I watch-out for cars on my way there - but since said advisory told me to watch ONLY for cars, I don't bother looking-out for trucks, bus's, etc. I remember seeing one on a billboard right by my house in Scotland in the mid-nineties.

It is after all insane to get in a car, people have died and faced enormous physical suffering far worse than from any drug from car crashes. He said how he hated that, since Leah died, the mother had her with her again, whilst he does not.

I remember it well. Basically the laws against drugs are political, please don't add scare stories based only on your ignorance like this is a US pharmaceutical ad, SqueakBox22 March UTC What so we should all be happy the goverenmet telling what we are and aren't allowed to put into the own bodies, bullshit. More ificantly, nobody has been bette to come up with a photo of a version of the "Sorted" poster with the hospital picture, although in one sense it's surprising that photos of even the real deat are so thin on the ground.

Her brother[ edit ] There was some comment in media and other places lsah it's a good thing that Leah is not alive to see her brother a convicted rapist. Unfortunately, the myth that it was the hospital bed picture deahh which was widely used in the media at the time - is now so entrenched that many people are convinced that they actually saw it on the poster.

Sometimes the best place is smack in the middle of a sentence, and I believe this is one of those cases, and I hope my changes make the article a little more clear and accurate. Grievous Angel talk2 July UTC Major distortion of facts by father, stepmother and media[ edit ] I've added a much needed section elah Betts' background.

Leah's ecstasy death 'like horror film' | the independent

The article does however name the 3 advertising companies involved, so they should be able to confirm or deny; "This poster campaign was unusual because it had been constructed by three advertising companies. Alternative rock band Chumbawamba responded with their own 'anti-poster' reading "Distorted: you are just as likely to die from eating a bay leaf as from an ecstasy tablet".

Is there anyone who knows more about this kind of thing that could give some input? The picture of her in hospital was released to the press by her family and widely seen, and I think deaht is a simple case of people conflating the two memories, or they are remembering brtts different poster.

Mums of children killed by ecstasy explain why they want drug to be legalised - mirror online

What you are saying is that a person that crashes a car and kills people after heavy drinking is equal to leahh a sober person doing it. It is a psychoactive drug which provokes feelings of euphoria — hence it being dubbed ecstasy. Certainly, in some cases, these sources could have been one and the leha, but that seemed unlikely because it would have required someone who was an alcohol or Red Bull rep admitting that they created the Betts' posters out of some other motive than good will. So either the parents did indeed allow alcohol at Leah's party, or they accepted that some would get in anyway.

It was a combination of the two". I just wanted to add my voice to the others on the talk for this article. I've also never had any xeath for individuals who lead a charge and shout, 'Stop enjoying your life and taking RISKS!

Mums of children killed by ecstasy explain why they want drug to be legalised

The two sources given do apply to the section, but it was inaccurate to place them both at the end of the paragraph. They deny the truth i. You offically win for the longest run on sentence I've ever seen outside of James Joyce.

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