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Morning rave

Morning rave

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Since launching the first event in NYC inwhich brought people out before sunrise, Daybreaker has expanded to 25 cities throughout the world, with a global community of more than half a million people who have attended an event. Radha Agrawal Radha, who was eight months pregnant at the fifth-anniversary party, reveled in the magic of the morning. But her first baby is really morinng event, which has become more of a movement that creates community and celebrates humanity.


Arve the differences of culture and languages, Radha says that the energy at a Daybreaker party is the same across the globe. Through a sound bath, a meditation, a spoken word performance, and an acoustic set, strangers ed hands and acknowledged the camaraderie of what everyone in the room experienced that morning.

So everyone participating had to be in line by As Irving Plaza cleared out, attendees exited into daylight, ready to go to work with a greater sense of belonging than when they left their beds. AJR Photography The music and dancing came to a halt at 9am, and attendees were asked to take a seat as members of the Daybreaker team led the crowd through a variety of closing exercises. The type who bound into the office downing green juice whilst the rest of mornning nurse our traditional Wednesday morning hangover?

I went to a morning rave before work and i do not regret it

Everyone just wanted to work up a sweat and let go of their stress. There were Spice Girls, eight different Britney Spears, lots of overalls, fanny packs, high ponytails, Madonna, and some Backstreet Boys. Ravers are welcome to come and go at any time. And that, to me, has been the most incredible thing to witness [at Daybreaker]. You know you can actually dose on your own natural high, right?

Morning Gloryville also happens mprning a month from 6. But what if you threw in a few djs, glow sticks, dance moves and maybe even some sun salutations.

So think about it before you go. But my motning part was when the fabulous Viva Bodyroll led the entire concert hall through a '90s-inspired jazzercise routine. While Daybreaker's London events are on a smaller, more chilled scale, Morning Gloryville offers a proper get-down-and-make-some-shapes environment, amongst a few hundred other sweaty people — even a few children were properly bust'n moves.

I went to an early morning rave at daybreaker in west london and it was better than a night out

Get stuck in Picture: Will Purcell A game group of l were already following his instructions, but we made a beeline for the coconut water and Rude Health porridge that comes included in the cost of rvae ticket. It's yo' birthday. Sober clubbing is definitely not for everyone but there is something joyous about Daybreaker.

Since launching the first dave in NYC inwhich brought people out before sunrise, Daybreaker has expanded to 25 cities throughout the world, with a global community of more than half a million people who have attended an event. Are you going in there ready to hate it or are you going in there ready to love it? Here's how they work: starting between 6. I got more hugs and high fives in the 10 minutes I was in line than I've gotten in the past five months.

Here’s what going to a (sober) morning rave is really like

The main point here is that the raves are sober. And if all motning wasn't enough to perk you up, the Morning Gloryville sessions also include massage therapists, a coffee and chocolate kiosk, a smoothie bar and yoga albeit slightly makeshift in a small corner.

Plus I got a full event description ed to me in advance. And the idea seems to be working: the London-based company has just passed the one-year mark and now hosts events in 16 cities around the world. More fluoro. Last Updated 28 April I went to Daybreaker before work one morning and I'm going to tell you all about it. This was at 7 a.

The original morning wellness rave experience - morning gloryville

We promise, it is truly a "raise the roof" experience. I was dancing so much that I was legit sweating buckets. I checked my phone: a.

Nothing like a rave to start your day Picture: Will Purcell Early. So, I awkwardly sidled up to my first sober raver on the dance floor—a something-year-old woman in a pink wig and orange wristbands.

Why people are waking up for sober morning raves (instead of the gym)

More hugs. Still, I wasn't totally prepared. So to better serve our readers and anyone who wants to try this out, here's what really goes down at a morning rave: First of all, it was really freakin' early in the morning. Strobe lights.

There were disco balls. I had no idea what the dress code was, but was promised a workout, so I opted to go with athletic clothes — which I basically live in anyways — and headed out to Irving Plaza. At first I felt silly yelling at the top of my lungs in between jumping jacks and pushups. On the dance floor, hundreds of sober people were pulsating to some heavy electro house music.

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