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Sandys superstars opening times

Sandys superstars opening times

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The married couple behind Manchester's 'Sandys Superstars' brothels built a multi-million operation after reaching an agreement with the police. The couple were the owners and directors of brothels in Prestwich and Northenden for over a decade. At Manchester's Minshull Street Crown Court, it was said that GMP did not take any action due to 'limited resources', but agreed that as long as there was no underage services, no trafficking of women, that the business wasn't used as a front for other crime and that it did not affect the local community, then they could continue. Local authorities also knew, and tax was paid on the business.


She is generous and courteous. Officers came into his family home when his 13 year old daughter was asleep, with machine guns as part of an armed raid, and rimes impact of that day for his daughter has been traumatic and she is receiving her own mental health support. Seeing the dangers the women in the business faced, she 'prayed for change', the court heard, before she and her husband went into running parlours themselves, to provide a 'dream' lifestyle for themselves and their daughter.

These related to the women that were on duty that day.

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The photographs were similar to those found on the website. It is widely accepted that many sex workers at some point experience violence, misogyny and abuse. They have one daughter and a son in law. The brothels were strictly run commercial businesses with very high profits. That website advertised for girls including those to new to the business. The premises was visited once a week by GMP officers until the day supersstars search warrant was executed in November They lived in a beautiful thatched cottage, behind electronic gates, in North Wales, drove expensive vehicles Jaguars, Range Rovers and enjoyed frequent holidays.

The administration for opeing brothels was conducted from another address, namely Palatine Road. The directors were Sandra Hankin and Adrian Burch. They did not take money from their fees.

There was no suggestion they were being coerced. Her prostitutes had regular NHS health checks.

How police turned a blind eye to a married couple's £million suburban brothel empire

They lived in a beautiful thatched cottage, behind electronic gates, opebing North Wales abovedrove expensive vehicles Jaguars, Range Rovers and enjoyed frequent holidays [File photo] In England and Wales, it is not illegal to buy or sell sex, but it is against the law to operate a brothel. Managing or regulating prostitution cannot fully remove that harm.

University of Manchester Criminology lecturer Dr Rose Broad says migrant brothel workers should not be marginalised. Mr and Mrs Hankin and Adrian Burch have also been hit with Proceeds of Crime Act orders demanding that they hand over hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Sandys superstars

She worked her days in the parlour and used her evenings and weekends with Mark, and they refurbished openiny single aspect of the business. The enterprise was also advertised through the website Punternet, where reviewers were recorded.

The company enrols attractive women willing to provide special services beyond mere sexual intercourse and good clean rooms, that way people would be willing to pay higher house fees. Despite this, no enforcement action was taken for over a decade. He has produced a timed research papers on human trafficking and modern slavery.

The couple behind those massage parlours are among a of convicted brothel-keepers to claim they worked under the police's gaze. She took a principal role in running the establishments including interviewing potential women.

The court was told by the Hankins' defence that there were 78 brothels in Greater Manchester when they went into business in There was a ban on drugs and alcohol, and later a ban tumes smoking. All of them pleaded guilty to brothel keeping and were given suspended prison openkng. Greater Manchester court cases We have a dedicated Facebook group covering court cases across Greater Manchester. Can sex work ever be a legitimate choice? There is no evidence of force or encouragement to work beyond their capacity.

Doing agency work, women were working in insecure and unpleasant working environments. It is accepted by the defence that both were set up in But in the late 90s she became an escort, supported by her husband. The business was flourishing. Sandra cared for him, supported him and worked through his cancer with him.

However both premises were shut down after police, acting on complaints, finally raided them in November The police executed search warrants on the premises on November 15th The potential recruits were invited to contact a man called 'Merv'. Following days of legal argument, Sandra Hankin, Christopher Hankin, Adrian Burch and Alison Sutton pleaded guilty to keeping brothels to use for prostitution between and It's understood the operating is much smaller now, but brothels remain in the city in spite of high-profile raids like the ones which shut down Sandy's Superstars.

However, I think it is highly unlikely that I will see any of you before the courts again.

Christopher and Sandra Hankin Image: M.

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