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Strip my wife

Strip my wife

Name: Sheelah

Age: 46
City: Allapattah, Copper Cliff
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Were Is She At Ltr Seeker
Seeking: Looking Teen Fuck
Relationship Status: Mistress


I posted the confession years ago. She worked another 2 years after I told her I wanted her to quit! She liked the money, and enjoyed the job. She finally quit after her Mom almost found out, plus the kids were getting older and asking questions. I was always told not to come to the club strkp she worked.


That's how her Mom almost found out, her Mom was waiting in the driveway when she got home one morning to see her! She comes off the stage, and comes up to me, and says, "Having fun?

She worked another 2 years after I told her I wanted her to quit! Faking it, I said, "Oh yeah!

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Report inappropriate content. However, about a month ago, Melissa called and asked my wife if she would host a bachelor party at the club, one of Sara's regulars was getting married, and he wanted her there.

The money is dropping on the stage like snow. I got a drink, her friend Melissa came over to say hello.

Wif bachelor party happened, she swore nothing went on, she even had Melissa talk to me. Melissa told me she was just giving a private dance, and not to worry the guy was one of Sara's regulars. She liked the money, and enjoyed the job. In other countries they say they do not allow women, because I was told they do now want an angry wife coming in.

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Melissa kept talking to me to distract me from my wife. It was one time, and she wasn't what i thought, going to be naked, or give lap dances. So it will get her in a good mood before going to the club. Sara came off the stage nude, and walked over to a guy, and started talking to him, she took his a hand, and walked to back of the club.

She must of went to the dressing room, because she came out fully clothed She waved goodbye to everyone, and we left. Sara and her friends at the club, had gotten tattoos of the logo of the club on their butts.

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She finally quit after her Mom almost found out, plus the kids were getting older and asking questions. I honestly was apprehensive because she never told me what went on. tsrip

I would suggest if your wife is into that she would also like you taking her to Twin Peaks which just opened up and not only is the food actually good, the women are beautiful, but most importantly they treat you very well. I came in to wifd club, and saw a gorgeous woman dancing nude on the stage.

At the night of the event, my wife is going through her old stripper clothes, I thought that was odd. Her stripper friends would keep her out sometimes to the early morning.

I was always told not mu come to the club when she worked. She then tells me one of the girls couldn't make it, and she was going to work nude again. DAMN, it was my wife! Marriage has its up and downs, and we have had more happy times than not.

The last time I went I had a table of nothing but girls next to me. You will likely see many women watching when you go. Re: Strip club for my wife and I? I just do not want her unhappy, I honestly think at times though, she wishes she still worked there.

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Trying not to freak outMelissa and I move back to front of the club, and I see my wife on stage with another stripper, named Mercedes. My wife comes back after her dance, and sees me and walks over with big smile on her face, and gives me a big hug. She was wearing a wig, and made up so I didn't even recognize her at first.

After about 10 minutes the guys come back giving each other high 5's. Plus, she had done a few things that irritated me.

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However even in Mexico if she goes with you it is fine. I posted the confession years ago. As far as Vegas goes they are all for anyone spending money.

She told me everyone was going to miss her,but she understood why she had to quit. I didn't bring up anything, and life went on. Thinking she would just be the host, I said OK.

Well, I was obviously angry, she then promised me she wouldn't do any lap dances, or anything risque. But, the last night she wanted me to come to watch her last night, everyone was sending her off.

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