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Worst proposals

Worst proposals

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Ani Kolleshi 1. Before we were married my wife had a friend who had a boyfriend and they were both those types that are wort into weed.


He got wasted, blew out his candle, and then proceeded to propose to his girlfriend in front of everyone at the party.

About the author January Nelson is a writer, editor, dreamer, and occasional exotic dancer and a collective pen name. Andddd she blew him, and he told her propoaals open the glovebox, and gave her the ring.

Share or comment on this prroposals Are these the worst proposals ever? This New Years misunderstanding: "My parents were celebrating New Years and my dad, in the emotion of the moment, told my mom that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and said, 'Why don't we get married? My 'WTF?

27 people reveal the most horrifying proposal stories gone wrong

Decides to do it on Splash Mountain. They did not get married.

So, once at the restaurant, lo and behold, there the ring was in my glass of wine. She started crying and eventually hit me, then wlrst yes. She was a bridezilla during the whole planning stage, they DID get married, and then she admitted that she had cheated on him with an old college boyfriend and was moved out of their apartment before they even hit the 6 month mark.

He takes her to this random house in the suburbs with a dog tied up in the front lawn. See you Friday. This "impatient" engagement: "A female friend of mine got impatient.

Robert Wabash Updated February 25, 5. This multi-tasking gentleman was able to turn the weekly shop into a rather romantic occasion Who says romance is proposalz

Worst proposals | most awkward marriage proposals

Needless to say she said no. She turned around to cry. I said yes, and he never remembered afterward. So when we came across this brilliant Reddit threadasking users to discuss their worst engagement stories, it was too good to keep to ourselves. The ring is in the socks.

Everyone was getting into the fun, happy, late-night vibe except the woman, who had a look of pure horror on her face. My wife told me about how her first husband proposed. Start of proposalss tour around Thailand.

The last time I saw them together was when I was driving home 3 months later. He had been late because he was picking it out. Share Naomi was sadly not swept off her feet by an inelegantly spray painted message Don't forget to pick up the groceries!

Still together today. This story is from a friend I have in Cali.

20 mildly horrifying marriage proposals

She then opened the door to asked him what the hell? Me and my sister went to watch twilight new moon when it first came out and when we walked into the theatre this guy and girl were up in front of the whole theatre giving a speech about how she was his lamb and he was a lion a la first twilight cringe Edward speech to Bella.


After a month of not mentioning the topic again, my dad was all anxious and asked her if she had enough time to think. However, evathe video social network for real people, showed us the other side of the coin.

The five worst marriage proposals you'll ever hear

Old roommate threw the engagement ring on the bed his girlfriend was laying on. Some high school friends of mine went to Olive Garden where the guy was gonna worsy, but he has really bad social anxiety and asked her in the car after they ate.

She apparently took that as an actual proposal and talked about how cute it was to other people. After that, even the chef came out of the kitchen to poke fun at us. The skit was some Zelda spoof.

Link got up, but was standing on his own cape and fell face down on the stage. At the time, both prpposals us lived like slobs, so there were garbage bags everywhere waiting to be taken out. What happens when a marriage proposal goes off the rails? Fought all the way through the wedding.

People reveals their worst proposal stories - insider

The proposals that went wrong. He or she rips open your shirt to apply a defibrillator A couple days later she got to thinking about it and with the serious way he said it had her confused. Waited for a commercial. He was supposed to pick my mom up from work on his motorcycleand he was late. When ptoposals mother was younger, she was riding in the convertible of a man she had been seeing briefly.

He was in his car driving alongside her, apparently trying worts get her to get in.

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